Vinyl Siding Benefits and Options

There is definitely a reason why vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options for construction and remodeling. Our friends at Bel Air Gutter & Siding ( say the best thing about it is its resistance to rotting, peeling or splitting. It gives an almost similar look to wood without the difficulty in installation and maintenance. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about painting, scraping or ever staining it.Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is plastic material manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The bigger percentage of its weight is PVC while about 20% are the ingredients that make up the color, durability, flexibility, etc. There are three main categories of vinyl siding: Horizontal, vertical and shakes. Different types of vinyl sidings are available in various textures, lengths, and thickness and therefore prices differ.

Here are the styles available

Horizontal Lap/Clapboard siding

  • Dutch Lap

They are designed in a similar way to wooden planks where they overlap each other sharply to form troughs between the boards.

  • Traditional lap

These are long, broad planks that overlap each other. That means that each plank slightly covers the one below it. This design not only enhances the appeal, but it enables water to be shed effectively.

  • Log siding

Many home owners desire the rustic look of the log cabin without the costs associated with the real wood. This style, therefore, gives the owners that authentic wood look at a lower cost and maintenance.

  • Beaded

Each panel has a notch or a rounded groove at its bottom which creates a shadow. This style is associated with a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle.

Shingle and Shake

  • Cedar shakes

These engineered cedar shakes are lower in cost and maintenance than the original cedar shakes. They are arranged vertically and have a variety of color options. This dramatic rough textured look is also known as the traditional edge.

  • Half-round/scalloped shakes

These mimic a cedar shingle look providing a flat finish and texture. They are a charm evidenced by their presence on historical or gable homes.

  • Insulated siding

The best thing about this type of siding is its significant resistance to extreme weather conditions. It also acts as a great buffer against noise.


This style is most common in barns, office buildings, and farmhouses; although many homes have now embraced this style. Beneath the vertical siding, furring strips are used to achieve a smooth finish.

  • Board and batten

These are long vertical boards which are attached using battens to the homes. The battens also cover the seams. Battens are long, flat, wood or metal pieces used to firmly secure or fasten things to the walls.

If you are considering a home makeover, speak to a siding contractor. If you are in the Baltimore, we recommend Bel Air Gutter and Siding. Whichever contractor you call will advise you on the available siding options and their different qualities. This way, you will be better suited to make a favorable decision for your home.