Tree Trimming to Prevent Roof Damage

Trees provide numerous benefits to the environment and your surroundings as well. However, if you fail to pay attention, they can cause untold damage to your roof, cars, power lines, siding, and other surrounding structures. The tree experts at Tree Services Annapolis see this all the time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to constantly check the health of your trees and any encroachment of limbs to the house to prevent expensive destruction from occurring. According to The National Storm Damage Center, trees damaged by weather in the United States caused over $1 billion annually in property damage.

Manage Your TreesPrevent Roof Damage

  • All branches within six inches of your house should be trimmed.
  • Trees should not stand close to your house.
  • Trees should not stand close to power lines.
  • Cut out all overhanging branches.
  • Remove any trees that pose a safety risk

Benefits of Tree Trimming

  • Protect your roof from scratches and shingle damage by branches

The branches don’t necessarily have to be from large trees. Even the slight grazing of your roof will eventually scratch away the shingles and lead to leaks. Large branches can puncture the roof of your house in the case of heavy winds and storms.

  • Blocks access to pests like squirrels, rabbits, etc.

These animals are a nuisance to your property and do more harm than good. They may hide in your roof’s corners, pick away at plumbing stacks, damage shingles, etc. These could lead to roof leaks and many other problems.

  • Prevents absorption of moisture by the roofs through fallen branches

If a branch is like a shade on your roof, it will prevent fast evaporation of moisture. This moisture is likely to soak into the roof over time causing rot and decay.

  • Prevents gutter clogging

Fallen leaves piled up in your gutters or in a roof valley can cause serious drainage problems. This can lead to more problems for your siding, walls, foundation, etc.

When Trees Damage Your Roof

  • Safely evacuate for the safety of everyone involved
  • Seek services from a professional roofing contractor. They are able to secure the area and prevent further damage to the roof.
  • Ensure you have a roof replacement insurance policy.
  • Cover any leaking areas with tarp.
  • Take pictures of the damages and keep receipts of any purchases you make.

The best way to prevent damage by trees is to have a professional arborist do a hazardous tree assessment. From there, the professional will be able to advise accordingly on the next step forward for the safety of your family and your property. This will also maintain the quality of your roof and increase its lifespan.